Mad Dog in the Kitchen

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Like a dog that's just been let off the chain, I went mad when SWMBO let me back in the kitchen.
3 x 1Kg loaves of white and 2 x 750g carroway seed rye, half of the loaf on the left mysteriously disappeared at lunch time.




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TeckPoh 2006 May 25 simply must learn to have some control! Moderation, my friend. We don't want SWMBO to ban you from the kitchen again.

Lovely loaves, as always. I'm loaveless this week...sniff.

chembake 2006 May 25

Bill its in your blood that you have a passion for baking..

..Its as difficult as the pit bull terrier to control such person...

Your SWMBO should put double chain on you collar

BTW, those pictures looks nice

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Jeremy 2006 May 25

Hi Bill,
I had that same problem, too many loaves all at once and a certain person hated the flour all over the place! Now I bake 1 or 2 at a time then give away the loaves to my barber who is Italian or my butcher who will barter with sausages or some goodies!

Nice work!

P.S. Wow Chembake what a nice thing to say!

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northwestsourdough 2006 May 25

half of the loaf on the left mysteriously disappeared at lunch time.

Maybe SWMBO isn't all that upset now? I wouldn't be after seeing the beauties on the table! You were probably secretly a professional baker eh?
May you never be banned again!

Normbake 2006 May 26

Lovely loaves Bill you must've been an old time baker in a previous life.
Don't let SWMBO keep you out of the bakehouse again or you will have to invest in a bigger oven. Maybe one with a moving belt....

Cheers Normbake

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