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Any ideas where I can source one of these in Melbourne

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postiechic 2007 April 21

hi all.....yep, I'm new here
For a long time I've been wondering where I can find an unglazed terracotta or quarry tile in Melbourne. I gotta admit, I only ever asked at one place and the guy treated me like an idjit so I was put off asking anywhere else. So, before I go calling 15 diff local tile places.....are they difficult to obtain?

SourDom 2007 April 21

welcome postiechic,

you shouldn't find it too hard to find one. I rang around a few of the tile shops in Melbourne (Northern suburbs) about a year ago, and almost all of them had something appropriate. (I also found one in Bunnings)
The standard size is about 40cm x 40cm, which is just fine for most purposes, (though a bit short for baguettes). I couldn't find anywhere that would provide anything bigger.

They are not too expensive (less than $5 from memory)


postiechic 2007 April 28

ok so I managed to grab meself a couple of tiles (at zero cost!!) from a manufacturer just around the corner from where i work......handy!! Now, I'd just like to know the best position for the tile in a gas oven. Does the bread tin/ dough need to sit directly on the stone?
thanks again

SourDom 2007 April 28

no need for a stone if you are baking in a tin. but no harm if tin goes on stone.

Put the stone on a low shelf in the oven, and the dough directly on the stone for a free-form loaf


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Bill44 2006 May 19

Hi Forno, what I use is an unglazed unsealed quarry tile. Measure up what your oven will take and go to your nearest tile shop. My local shop usually gives me one from an odd batch or a second.
Be sure it is [b]unglazed and unsealed[/b] to avoid any nasty chemicals.
Don't make the mistake we all do now and then, dont put a cold tile into a hot oven, instant crack. [/i]

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