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Little experiment.

I've just stirred up my two Elsies and doubt that either of them will be able to raise bread dough for awhile yet, but I've also refreshed the buttermilk sourdough (Brigid) and set it to do its thing overnight on the counter.  Now I'm thinking of taking a bit of Brigid tomorrow and trying a small sourdough loaf without adding the extra bit of yeast I add to the rest of it for our sandwich bread.  I am right in assuming that all I'd need to add would be a bit of salt and more flour?  And should I keep her fairly wet or what?  Oh by the way, and off topic, it's 10:30 pm approx. daylight savings time here in Montreal; what time, or day, is it in Australia?
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PaddyL 2008 April 20
It will have to wait till tomorrow.  I got confused, between feeding my Elsies and mixing up the other bread.  But I've refreshed the buttermilk sourdough, and will add water to it in the morning instead of milk, and try a loaf or two without added yeast.
PaddyL 2008 April 21

Slowly, but it's rising, my yeastless  sourdough bread dough, without any commercial yeast, I mean.  I substituted water for the milk and used 1 tsp. malt extract and part white flour, part organic ww, and it's been rising now for about 3 hours.

My Elsie Brown is doing much better than my Elsie White, but that could, I think, be the organic ww flour.
PaddyL 2008 April 21
Let it rise for about 5 hours, cut in two for two round loves, rose in a bowl and a basket for 2 hours, then baked it and it worked!  Sourdough bread, ww sourdough bread, full of holes, chewy, slightly sour.  I've done it!
PaddyL 2008 April 21
I'll have to ask my nephew, who does have one of those digital cameras, to take pictures next time I bake bread.  At the moment, we've got so much bread in the freezer and out for cutting that I don't dare make any more for a bit.  My sister, who raves about the soft buttermilk sandwich bread, took a piece of chewy sourdough to work with her this morning.

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