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Beginning my new yeastless starter today.

It's from a bread book by Martha Rose Shulman and there's none of this having to pitch out most of it every time it's fed.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Last time I looked the top of the fridge was 73.5 F. so I think it'll be safe up there.
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PaddyL 2008 April 17
Why the tiny little oblong in which to post?  Elsie, (L.C.) will be fed tomorrow for the first time, and she's already bubbling on Day 3.  Oh, tracking the wild yeasts!
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celia 2008 April 17

All our babies need names, right Paddy ?  I'm sure Elsie will be good, now that the two of you have a rapport !

Mine are called Tully and Mitch (formerly Priscilla, but he's out of drag now).

PaddyL 2008 April 18
Elsie was fed yesterday and is bubbling nicely, and today I'm supposed to remove half, approx., then refresh again and by Saturday or Sunday, she's supposed to be ready to do some real bread-raising.  I'll be baking my usual weekly buttermilk sourdough tomorrow, so maybe I'll just let Elsie do a bit more bubbling before trying her out in the real bread world.  These sourdough babies are supposed to expand, aren't they?  Oh and another question, can I use my established starter more often than once a week?
PaddyL 2008 April 19
It was that awful time when I would have to throw half my baby out, so instead, I divvied her up into two bowls, added white unbleached flour to one half (Elsie White), and organic whole wheat to the other half (Elsie Brown).  We shall see, in 12 hours or so, which is bubbling more fiercely, or if one has taken off and the other is lying dormant.  Interesting, if nothing else.

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