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Have just joined this forum today have been reading all the posts from every body for a while now and have decided to join up, thanks for the help in this forum.
Have had a starter going for about 2 months made some sour doughs came out good had a few mistakes also, will post some pics when I figure posting images.
Sour dough bread is much nicer than the old yeast risen loaf. [/list]

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Bill44 2006 April 18

Sour dough bread is much nicer than the old yeast risen loaf. [/list]
That was brought home to me again last night at a friends place for dinner. They served up some "Commercial" bread rolls and I had trouble choking one down.
Welcome to the forum Normbake.

Normbake 2006 April 19

Thanks for the replies
I am having trouble finding Rye flour nothing at Woolworths, Coles or Bilo will try health food shop today.
I'm using Defiance white bread flour 5 kgs $7.50 from Woolworths has anybody used other brands.
I use 5 cups of white and about 1 & 1/2 cups of starter to my dough. I keep my starter in the fridge and get out 1/4 cup about 2 days before baking then refresh it with white flour 1/4 cup every 8 hours or so leaving it on the bench. Goes nice and bubbly.
I give my dough about 4-6 hours first proof then mould into shapes another 1 and 1/2 hours in a warm place (oven turned on for a min) then take out bread heat oven up and bake for about 40 mins....

I have noticed with a couple of loaves I have made the sour taste didn't kick in till about 12 hours that normal

Normbake 2006 April 19

Picture of my bread I put these in the gallery but didn't name them.


SourDom 2006 April 19


welcome to the forum, and welcome to the wonderful world of sourdough baking.

Your loaf looks great. Congratulations.

If you stick around this forum for a while you will find that different bakers have different experience, preferences and advice.

I am a big convert to weighing ingredients rather than using cups, or vague 'handfuls'. The major advantage is consistency of results, and the ability to compare with others (is my handful equal to yours?).

One thing that you might try is to bake your loaf for a little longer, as that will make the crust a little darker and thicker, and bring out the flavour of the bread. However partly that is a matter of personal taste.


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Bill44 2006 April 19

I agree with Dom, a good set of digital scales is a good investment. On a US forum I was having trouble explaining why accuracy is important. I ended up doing the calculations showing that 2 tablespoons of flour can make a difference of about 5% hydration in some recipes, and as you will soon learn that is a lot.

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