Anyone know why I cannot upload a new Avatar?

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I deleted my old one and I cannot upload a new one, the specifications are within parameters, 32 kb  200 X 162. I have tried about 20 times(or it seems so) and the old Avatar keeps popping back no matter how many times I delete it. The new one will not upload no matter what. Maedi?? Thanks,Teresa

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Maedi 2008 February 2

hmm, I'm not sure exactly why it's happening. Can you send me your new avatar via email? (maedi at and I'll put it up for you.ThanksMaedi

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northwestsourdough 2008 February 2

You are right it was cookies! I still saw the old Avatar until I hit refresh, jeesh! Thanks zillions. Thanks also for the new look to the site, you guys still rock! Teresa

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