Milawa Bakerey Retarder

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I have watched your Retarder Room video and found it very interesting. I am located in Malaysia where we have a high humidity and temperature around 30 - 34 C.

I would like to build a cool room for our breads. I have been using a 3 door fridge but this is rather expensive. What temperature would you suggest the 'cool room' needs to be?


Martin Prior

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TeckPoh 2007 November 30


Yes, the thing that is holding me back from getting a commercial fridge (even a one-door unit) is the upkeep. Hubby says it's like paying for air-conditioning every day. He says I might as well buy another home fridge, cheaper with respect to cost and maintenance.


Panevino 2007 December 4

Hey Martin, what Video are you referring to? There's a great baker where I live who uses a walk in cooler. He has two thermostats and two timers. One of each is hooked up tp the cold control and the other thermostat and timer is hooked up to a blow type heater. He then does his adjustments so that the dough retards for X number of hours and then reaches the final room temp by 4 am, ready to scale, shape, proof and bake. It looks really simple but I have yet to do it. Hope this helps,


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martin_prior 2007 December 11

Thanks for the reply Tony. You have given me some ideas.

There is a video on the Sourdough Australia Website about the Milawa Bakery. The Retarder is described in the video.

Some time ago I built a sort of barn. This served as our workspace for the Bakery. I then built a brick oven within the space. We get a lot of rain so outside was not an option.

This year I sectioned off a piece for a studio appartment for my wife and I.

I can throw up a couple of walls to form a retarder room, which might also house cheese (if I restart cheesemaking).

Here are a few pictures.

The film people were here to film a 2 second shot for an airline ad. Bread rising in the brick oven. It took a team of thirty people.


Martin Prior


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