Where is everyone?


i been very bussy and not around for some months and now i'm back to what seem to be quite empty space.
regulars hardly post, TP last post is month old?!?!? at first i was sure she must be bussy with her outside the internet life but after quick spying around i see she is active on other forums (how bloody rude )

anyways, i'm back and hope we are not dead as community.
i'm trying to organize my time bit better so even if i'm bussy with other things i can find time for regular spam around here

in other news i got massive RSI problem in my left hand which gets quite painfull at times but i'm too much of a chicken to go under knife

hope you all well and ready for my idiotic posts

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Normbake 2007 November 18

I'm still here hello everyone
Dont go on puter much these days but still baking.
Have been using Kialla flour seems to absorb more water than Wallaby flour made some sticks yesterday used 300 Kialla and 200 wallaby took 70% water was a really soft dough. They came out really good.
Merry Christmas to all

Croc 2007 November 18

so i see some old faces are still around just gone in to hidding

ps. @normbake: i have not seen kialla flour in safeway or coles can you tell me who sells it?

Normbake 2007 November 19

Hi Croc I brought the Kialla flour from Coles here in Queensland 2 kg cost $5.50 Coles and Bi-lo stock it up here ask at your coles shop. There flour mill is about 2 hours from here may take a drive there one day.
check out their web page I think you can buy it online.

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carla 2007 November 20

I am still baking, however nothing excitingly new at present, so I am just lurking and not posting much
Waiting for more pics of Matthews oven too *waves South*

matthew 2007 November 20

Don't worry Carla, I'm looking forward to some more photos of my oven too! That would mean it was closer to being finished! With any luck I'll be able to lay the firebrick hearth around my family commitments this weekend.

It's that crazy time of the year where finding the headspace, kitchen space and time to bake regularly is proving hard. Besides it's often a choice between the oven or the bread, and at the moment the oven is higher priority.

Waves north.


matthew 2007 November 12


Things have quietened down, but there is still a bit of activity, not a busy as earlier in the year though.


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TeckPoh 2007 November 12

So, you were the stalker! Hey, I got a bit blue in the face waiting for your century old recipes. I see you still haven't gone for engleeesh (sic) classes.

Seriously, it's a very busy time of year for me...last week of school year...lots of baking to do for class parties, christmas menus to plan.......................and a Japan trip to go to, leaving this Sunday, yay me!!!!

Welcome back, croc. And, matthew.

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