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I have been making pizzas at home for a long time now.

Recently I have been experimenting with different types of flour, in particular Tipo 00 to make a true Neopolitan style pizza.

The problem I am having is that the dough is rather sloppy and hard to work with being so stretchy and elastic - almost runny.

I traditionally had been using a 'bakers flour' with 11% protein and the Tipo 00 is 11.5% protein which has rally thrown me with the results of the dough.

Last week I tried 50/50 bakers flour with the Tipo 00 and the result wasn't to bad. But 100% Tipo was terrible.

Can anyone please help to why i'm having problems with the Tipo 00?

Many thanks.

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Maria Marini 2014 September 16

Hi Jesse,

I am by no means a pizza expert- but we love pizza, I grew up in Italy & make soudough pizza very regularly. For my sins I am addicted to Italian baking blogs and they all say that true Neapolitan pizza (pizza verace) is made with a mix of tipo 00 & tipo 0 (higher gluten bread flour). Every pizzaiolo has a different recipe, but a percentage of tipo 0 is required to add elasticity as tipo 00 by itself is too soft. I tend to use  50-50 with excellent results but I've used 100% bread flour with no major issues except tired hands- the dough was very elastic & needed serious stretching. The recommended hydration percentage for pizza verace is 50-55%, for a soft but elastic dough.

Hope this helps.


JesseC 2014 September 18

Hi Maria,


Thanks very much for your reply. That makes sense, I will certainly give that a try.


Kind regards

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