Starters based on grains other than wheat


I have a gluten sensitivity:

Can starters be cultured (once started with wheat) with grain flour other than barley, rye, oats, or wheat?  How does a starter fare against corn flour treated with lime?  Will the calcium oxide kill it?  Can I culture a corn-meal or corn-flour starter?  What about... buckwheat, amaranth, rice, quinoa, or just basic gluten free flour?


Please answer if you know... But if not, I'll be experimenting with all of these things so post some inquiries and I will be back with the results of my experiments.

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glutenfreesourd... 2010 January 6

I also have a gluten sensitivity and have come to depend on a brown rice starter. I find it to be a good base to start from.I have found there to be some distinct differences between gluten starter and nongluten starter. I have posted the recipe on my Sourdough Companion Blogpost called "Gluten Free Brown Rice Starter Success" (not sure how to directly link you to it)

Good Luck, you can eat good gluten free sourdough bread again!


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