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I'm new to starter, i'm starter do'nt rise  and is thin, like water

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Polo 2011 March 12

Try feeding your starter with equal weights of flour and water for a few days. This should thicken your starter up enough so that you can see if it is active.

When your starter is very thin it can be active, but won't rise because there is not enough structure to trap the gas.

wanda1262 2011 March 15

I do'nt have it anymore. I used store brand AP flour and tap water and active dry yeast. trying a new one, using 1/2 cup Pillsbury bread flour and 1/2 cup bottle water. it's  rasing , looking good, but have smells, not like my others. hope this one works

rossnroller 2011 March 16

Strongly recommend you read carefully through SourDom's 'Make Your Own Sourdough Starter' instructions on this site and follow his directions EXACTLY. You'll see the link on the right of this page, under "Beginners".

HVHB 2011 March 12

 How old is the starter?  Have you made bread with it yet?

As Polo says, it may not be thick enough to be trapping gas.

However, the question is, has your starter been active yet?

Tell us about the process by which you started it.



HopesHope 2011 March 13

If your starter becomes to liquidy add more flour than water to get it to the consistency you like, or want it to be.  Then feed it 2 times a day, morning and night throwing half away, then replace with equal amounts of water and flour.

molifemo 2011 March 13


How about a possibility of missing feeding time so the culture got over fermented...?

Does it smell strong ? Are there many small gas bubbles on top? 


I recommand more feedings...If you had fed one time , then increase to 2 or 3 times a day...

HVHB 2011 March 13

 So, how often have you fed it in the 6 days?  You should be feeding it daily for at least the first week.

Moliferno is onto it, I think.



molifemo 2011 March 14

Waht I am doing is,


First day - 1 feeding a day

Second day - 1 feeding a day

Third day to 4th day -  2 feedings a day

5 th day ~ until when the culture is ready - 3 feedings a day


Once your culture is done , then keep it in a fridge . Take out the culture before the baking day and refresh it.


You can take this just as a reference.  This might not work for you because of different environmental factors.



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