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Starter to bread

Okay, I just want to get this straight.  When I want to make bread with one of the Elsies (starters), I take it out of the fridge and let it come to room temp., then feed it and let it bubble up for about 6-8 hours (according to Linda Collister), and then I take out as much as I need to make the bread.  Do I have to replace what I took out, or have I already done that by feeding it when it came to room temp?  With my buttermilk starter, I dump the whole thing in a bowl the night before, add 2 cups each buttermilk and flour, cover and leave it overnight.  I think this is called the Primary Batter by some.  In the morning, I take out 2 generous cups of the starter for the actual bread, and return the rest of the starter to the fridge.
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celia 2008 April 29

Paddy, this is what I do...

Lunchtime on the day before I want to bake, I take the starter out of the fridge.  I pour some out into a bowl (let's say half), then I feed the starter in the bowl, as well as the starter left in the container.  I put the lid on the container and put it straight back into the fridge.

The starter in the bowl, I then leave until I'm about to go to bed, and I feed it again.  Then the next morning, I mix up my dough.

I used to leave the starter in the container out on the bench, but now I feed it and put it straight back in the fridge, and it's fine.  I think it uses up all the energy from its feed if you leave it on the bench, and I've never found it advantageous to do so.

How are Elsie's babies going ?

Cheers, Celia
PaddyL 2008 April 30
They seem to be doing fine, Celia.  I'll take Elsie Brown out this afternoon, divide her in two, feed both halves as you suggested, and continue.  Should have some results tomorrow and I'll let you know.  Elsie W. isn't quite as active as her sister, but that may be the organic ww flour in Elsie B.  My other starter, the buttermilk one (Brigid), is so healthy, she can make real honest-to-god sourdough without added yeast, and can raise it beautifully.

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