Sourdough Potato Bread


I would like to know how I create my own album.  I saw at one time where a registered user can post pics and recipes to their own album, but alas, I cannot find out how to find my personal album let alone create it.

I read where once you have logged in that there is somewhere you click on to get to your personal album, but I do not see it.  Can someone help me with this ?  Below is the picture of my first successful Sourdough Wheat Potato Bread.  Thanks.

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leamlass 2012 April 24

I appreciate you getting back to me on this, but there is no link under my Gallery Album to click on.  All it says is that I have not created one yet.  Sorry to be a bother : )

chazzone 2012 April 30

 I see the same link.  I'd be interested to know what I'm missing.  

I'd also like your recipe.  Loaves look great!

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