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I've been making bread on and off for many years but have never made sourdough, rather dterrred by the seemingly complex process. But spurred on by an article by Phil Daoust in the Guardian last week I made a starter about ten days ago and today made my first loaf - success! The method for both the starter and the loaf were so simple, and the resulting loaf is crisp outside, soft inside - rather like a ciabatta loaf. I'll try wholemeal flour next time and see how that turns out.

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Millciti 2010 May 4

So if you haven't already tried the whole meal you may want to gradually add a bit more whole grains till you get a good blend.  Sometimes a total switch with a young starter can result in bricks!   You can search the companion site for lots of good advice and recipe ideas!  Be aware that many whole grains act quite differently with sourdough!  I think my first mostly rye bread would have worked better as an anchor than as bread, and it was ridiculously sticky as a dough! 

Glad to see you here!



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Johnny 2010 May 4

 I agree Terri. When I started to go with more wholemeal I fed my starter with a little bit of wholemeal mixed in at roughly the same ratio as my final dough.

Welcome Judaken glad to hear you found the process simple and had such good results first go..careful or you will be hooked like the rest of us bread nerds 

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