sourdough croissants


I have made these sourdough croissants many times - adapted from a recipe I found in Le Cordon Bleu Home Cooking for normal croissants. I've been cooking with my own sourdough for years now but have never weighed or measured ingredients until now. I found this site yesterday and made the bagels which look terrific. i'm now going to try to get my head around the Baker's percentage.

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mattmcallister 2010 September 28

The bakers percentage and dough yield factors are what set bakers apart from chefs. The bakers percentage defies all logic. (Considering the majority of 'traditional' bakers were illiterate and kept all recipes in their heads.)

If you want to know more about the bakers percentage and how it can be applied to sour dough I'd be happy to try to help out. It can get a bit complex, but it is the best way to calculate exact ingredients depending on your desired  dough quantities.

toni55 2010 September 29

Welcome aboard...stock up your pantry because there's a zillion recipes you'll want to try! Have fun :-)


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Midnite Baker 2010 September 30

Wow!!  those are great looking sourdough croissants. They look so flaky and melt in your mouth tasty.

I am sitting here imagining what they would taste like. I'm with the others, would love to try your recipe.

I'm a math junkie, so understand the baker's % formula, though I have not applied it to any of my breads.

I just use the scales to weigh my ingredients, then go by feel for the proper hydration.  Hope to see you

around this website. 

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Karniecoops 2010 September 30

Yes indeed - GREAT looking croissants!  I can't quite tell from the pic but did you make them conventional shape? They look wonderfully layered.

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