I have a comercial rational combi oven that will bake with steam as well as heat and add a shot of steam on request   is there a baker out there that can tell me the best setting to use for sourdough.

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Montreal 2013 March 24
I am very curious on any answer you could get. Rational are amazing oven. The convection oven are difficult to deal with when it comes to baking because the air circulation create a membrane and restrict the oven spring. However if you can inject steam right at the beggining of the bake you should be all set. Not sure if you have to use a pre program or if you have a manual injection button that allows you to inject only what you want. If you make some test i would be interested to know the results as i was looking into a rational as well ofr other use than baking Baking on a stone usually help baking from the bottom up as well. You might want to consider adding a stone on one of your shelf and evaluate your internal structure as oppose to no stone. Dan
organicfoodie 2013 March 27

Hi Dan,i heat up oven with full steam and heat ,load and give a few shots of steam then turn of steam and bake at 210o.

it works ,but i want to know if this is the best way.I dont use a stone and it bakes even all over.

Montreal 2013 March 29
Have you bake with and without a baking stone 2 loaf at the same time to look at the difference of your internal structure? The other variable is that I would increase my temp to 260 c from 210 and shorten your baking time. A 1kg loaf at 70 percent hydration should take you about 30 some minutes to be ready if you start your dough at 24.5 c. This should bring your loaf ready at about 99 c of internal temp. Keep me posted as I think you will like the stone bake at a higher temp better than no stone at lower temp. Dan
organicfoodie 2013 March 30

I dont have a stone that fits in the Rational . but I will try what you sugested and get a stone.

My loaves are 500g baked for 45 mins and I bake 3 at a time ,sometimes I bake a 750g loaf.

when I perfect it I will bake a batch of 6 .

Montreal 2013 March 30
The best way to get a stone is to find a supplier for building glass kiln or a store specializing in art supplies for the pottery market as they also use kiln to fire up their pieces. They usually sell 1/2 " refractory slab in any size you want( they can cut it to your spec)You then remove it when you dont need it. You can have tiles as well which would allow you to manipulate the size of the area that you want as stone withing the oven. I prefer one large slab covering the entire area. Here is a supplier you can use. Very good quality and super service. This is a supplier located in Canada but i am sure you can find similar business anywhere around the world depending on your location. Dan

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