Should I let my mother (starter) breathe?


Hi everyone. In a previous topic someone mentioned that I should let my starter breathe, otherwise it'll suffocate. I use a glass jar with a screw lid and have been screwing the lid on so the starter didn't dry out. What do you recommend? I'd really appreciate some feedback.

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farinam 2013 March 6

Hello simonmorpeth,

I would just engage the first thread or so the keep the lid on so the jar doesn't escape if you lift it by the lid.

I don't think the culture will 'suffocate' though there have been reports of sealed jars cracking under pressure (though I think there might have been pre-existing flaws if they did).

Good luck with your projects.


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Alvaremj 2013 March 7

I've read that wild and commercial yeast are  both aerobic and anaerobic, can survive with or without oxygen. I keep my starters in plastic containers. There have been plenty of times that a couple hours after feeding the tightly sealed lid pops off. This makes me a little uneasy about storing in glass jars. I really think the only thing that can really kill a good levain is lack of food. 

Good luck

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