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Here are my first attempts with very different results.  

The first couple of times I tried this recipe I proofed covered, for approx 4 hours at around 65-70 degrees on my worktop, which provided a nice loaf with a good crust and oven spring but the top of the loaf burst open despite slashing.  My last attempts have proved more successful when leaving to retard overnight in a covered proofing basket in the fridge then leaving to come to room temperature the next day, say around 3 hours or so.  When turning onto the pizza stone I noticed the dough was a lot slacker and the final loaf turned out a more uniform flatter shape minus the vesuvius effect

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shasta 2013 January 7


Congratulations on getting better results. I always find it amazing how the different combinations of ferment times, temperature and hydration can make for such different results in the final loaf. Over time you also learn when the combination is working the way you want during the process. The only one that still challenges me now and then is determining when the final proof is done. But, I’m getting better at it.

Good luck your with future bakes.

janisem 2013 January 7

Thanks Shasta, I'm hooked and have learnt such a lot in the few months since I started and am keen to try some new recipes now .  I am beginnning to notice the effect subtle changes can have on on the end result.....just love my sourdough dipped in a little balsamic and oil, yum!...........All the best

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