Rustic Loaf

Rustic Loaf (cut)


Further to making my first sourdough bread (09.02.13) I have made several loaves all ok, although some better than others.

I have just had a good result with the following Rustic loaves:

75g Rye Flour

425g Wheat Flour

300g Sourdough starter

250ml Water

10g of both salt and brown sugar.

The pictures show the loaves from the oven and also the cut loaf. This is the nicest loaf I have made in terms of taste and structure.

As my results vary, I can only assume the difference is down to the condition of the starter at the time of baking as all other elements and technique are the same each time, any help on gaining repeated good results would be welcome.


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farinam 2013 March 27

Hi Ricey,

One thing about this obsession is the fact that results can and will be variable.  A bit like golf shots really.  Even commercial bakeries with programmed machinery, temperature control etc etc suffer some variability though it is obviously much less than for you and me.

All you can do is to try to minimise or compensate for the variables that affect the outcome.  The most important is probably temperature and only a few degrees can make a big difference in how the yeasts and bacteria work.  So, unless you are actually controlling the temperature accurately, you have to vary the timing of your activities to compensate.

The flours that you use and the recipe will also have an effect and once again you have to adjust for your conditions rather than trying to follow timings given in a recipe.

I think the important thing is to appreciate the bread that you do produce and as you gain experience, you will find that your results become rather more consistent without searching for the 'magic' technique or recipe that fixes it all for you.

Good luck with your projects.


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