Re-visiting bread making

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 Hello all, 

I'm moving to Australia in the New Year to live with my wife, and have been lurking on the Sourdough Companion site for a few weeks now, looking at some of the amazing breads that people have been making...

I started baking a couple of years ago in Australia, but stopped when we moved away again. We have been in England for a few months now, and I started up with a few sourdough and yeasted breads again, and remembered how much I enjoyed making (and eating) bread.

I thought I'd post up a couple of attempts here- mainly from the Emmanuel Hadjiandreou 'how to make bread' cookbook. ..


Firstly, a beetroot sourdough;


And secondly a levain de campagne made with a mix of white, dark rye, and a local mixed grain flour;


I'm still experimenting with different flours, hydration (currently using a 75% hydration starter), and shaping etc. but definitely looking forward to returning to Australia and branching our with some more sourdoughs.

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