rave about the flippin' awesome loaf you made!


 Some times you just want to yell out, woo hoo!!!

I thought this thread could be a great way to just let it out to people who care. sometimes hubby or your wife may have heard enough about your flippin' awesome loaf, but I/we haven't. So let it rip!


Today I made an awesome loaf, it was so sweet and soft and it rose! my las few have been bricks so i replenished the starer and poof! Beaufiful bread. It is such a joy to eat! I love tapping on the top when its done, the hollow sound is such a romantic one, perhaps I was a baker in a past life! But today i was just so stoked with a success, finally!!! I am experimenting with my different starters to see wich one is the best and trying out keeping the starter on the bench all the time as i am baking every two to three days. I plan to feed it twice a day to build it up to the 550g i need.


look forward to your tales!!

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Apple 2011 August 6

 Yesterday morning  I made a dough with a rye sourdough starter with a view to make bread. Last minute we decided to have pizza, so I rolled it out on durum flour and sprinkled with oregano. Made a tomato sauce, stuck it on top with some fried up bacon and leek, plopped some mozzarella on the top and put it in the oven at full whack. 15 mins later we enjoyed an awesome pizza - maybe best I have ever eaten. 


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