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Can anyone tell me how to get a really good onion bread? Should I use dried onions and/or onion powder, or something else? I have tried frying onions and adding them but they add too much moisture and the flavour isn't very strong. I crave a really good sourdough with cheese and onion. Sigh... 

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farinam 2015 March 6

Hi Barmy,

Not sure what you mean by 'the flavour isn't very strong' but cooked onions don't have a strong flavour and are actually quite sweet.

However, with the fried onions, you should adjust the other liquids that you add to compensate for the oil etc that they will add to the hydration of the dough.

You could try dry 'roasting' the chopped onions in the oven for, say, 20 mins at 170-180C which would reduce the added liquid component and maybe not lose so much of the pungency.

Another alternative would be just to add the raw onion to the dough and maybe the volatiles released in cooking will be trapped in the dough and give you the tang that you crave.

If all else fails, just make the bread and add cheese and onion slices on a round to make a sandwich

Good luck with your projects.


Barmy 2015 March 6

Dear Farinam, thanks for your help. I will experiment with both fresh roasted onions and dried ones and report back.

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