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Hi all,

I am not new to baking, and have been doing it as a hobby for a long time now and absolutely love it.

I am looking into opening a bakery of my own, but I have a few questions that someone may be able to help me with.

I don't have any baking qualifications, does that matter? I am looking to complete some in the future, but does it matter right away?

Alos, I am a bit overwhelmed when it comes to the equipment I would need to fit out the shop.

There are so many different ovens etc, that I have no idea what I should be pricing up. Could someone please give me a general list of basics that I would need to start with?

Any assistance would be very much appreciated!

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golgi70 2013 August 12

How long have you been baking?  Do you have any experience working in a professional kitchen?  If not I highly suggest finding a job at a bakery and you may not make a lot of money but if you really want to open up your own shop the things you learn will be priceless.  Not to naysay but one of the biggest mistakes that happen are home cooks/bakers (that are actual very good) think they can just open up shop.  It's much more oomplicated than it seems.  Lots of equipment, space utilization, employing other workers (this industry has a huge turnover rate), and much much more.  I suggest saving money on formal training and actually just getting a job in the industry for a while. Then you will learn tons and most importantly find out if this is really what you want to do.  


good luck



petanque 2013 August 12

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What sort of bakery?

Have you done some sort of dimensional analysis?

For instance how much product a week will you have to sell at what price to make a reasonable living?

Is the market big enough to realistically sell this much product?

How many people will you need to employ?

If you are up at 2 AM baking you can be in the shop selling at 4 PM for instance.


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