Oil on the loaf during baking?


As I struggle with getting good crusts I have been wondering, what would happen if after the inital bake with steam, you sprayed some olive oil on the loaf? Would that not assist with browning and crunch? I am assuming it doesn't because someone must have tried it. So why wouldn't it work?

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Merrid 2012 January 23

Most of the browning comes from sugars in the dough - you don't really need to add anything if the dough is correctly proved. Crunch will come from the temperature used for baking, plus the length of time in the oven. Hotter temperatures will generally make it crunchier.

I'm not sure what oil would do on the surface of the loaf, apart from make it greasy. Unless someone has tried it?


If you are having trouble with crusts, have you followed the suggestions on here about changing the temperatures during baking?

silviacake 2012 January 24

sorry if i don't write a good english but i live in Italy and my english is only from school.

if you want a crusty and brown surface you can use a mix of milk and olive oil during the cooking .

Greetings from Dolomites!


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