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Tolly Dough

regarding many newbies to this forum:  I concur, a good reference book will save you lots of time, give you a basic knowledge of bread baking and be a ready answer to questions that may not be answered in a timely manner from the forum. 

I vote for Jeffrey Hamelman's book "Bread", which can be purchased on  Ortiz's book is also good but due to the elementary nature of some of the questions, I would suspect that some reading of professional's books or a good bread class is in order.

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JODoughMaker 2011 September 9

My friend who gave me some of the best advice on bread baking, told me to get this one. It's on order as a used book, I could not find it new.

Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads: Revised and Expanded

kathy kovago 2011 September 9

I agree about Hamelman's book as well except that he uses imperial measurements which i find a struggle! I would recommend the website which interprets Hamelman's recipes for home use brilliantly! I've had my best results ever with Susan's Norwich sourdogh recipe.

panfresca 2011 September 9

...does include one set of metric measurements - an alternative to the imperial large-scale baker's recipes. If you don't want to do the fussy conversion of the home-scale imperial measurements to metric, it's easy enough just to divide the large scale metrics by whatever suits.

I agree it would be better if he provided both sets in the home-scale, but it's a minor inconvenience to put up with compared to the overall brilliance of the book, methinks.

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JuliaBalbilla 2011 September 12

For those living in the UK, I would recommend The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard for several sourdough recipes and his strange way of kneading!   Also Bread: River Cottage Handbook No 3 by Daniel Stevens has a couple of good sourdough recipes, as does Crust by Richard Bertinet.  All 3 are available from Amazon UK.  Metric measurements are given with each recipe.

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