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I just found this site and I am so glad I did! I have created my very first water/flour fermented (no commercial yeast) sourdough starter and my very first loave are rising for the last time! I am almost ready to bake. 

I have a lot to lern about sourdough and I am excited to learn from you fine folks! I think my fridge was a little too cold or something, because my bread did not do anything overnight. But i am hoping a longer pre-bake raise will still result in a nice first bake. 

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NubbyBaker 2014 February 7

Hi, glad to meet you all :) From the looks of things, it looks like I'll be browsing here some - there are lot of great and interesting topics. As my nick says, I'm quite a nubby with this, but I'm willing to learn :D I came here with a question to ask for an advice, so I'll just proceed with the browsing for a starters.

wastewaterman 2014 February 7

@ Busymomma911

I am new too, but when I read your post I noticed that you refrigerated your bread.  So far for the few loaves that I have made I did not have to overnight them in the fridge, unless you are needing to retard the rise so that they don't over proof on the first rise.  For me I like creating a sponge where I mix my starter, all the liquid used in the recipe, and 2/3 the total flour in the recipe (or whatever will produce a 70% to 100% hydration) and let it sit and proof overnight (or 12-16 hrs) at room temperature and then proceed with the rest of my recipe the next day.

Elkhorn 2014 February 7

Glad to see you! You will find there are many different ways to process your start into bread, depending on the time, effort, etc. you have. I have done the sponge method and refrigerated my dough overnight to make the bread fit my schedule. My current, and most sucessful method is to mix the entire dough recipe and let it rise overnight 12+ hours, then knock it down and shape it into loaves the next day.

The most important thing to remember is Have Fun!


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