Is my starter ready?


 Is the only indication that my starter is ready is its doubling in volume? 

And if I don't do anything with it at this time what will happen to it? 

I believe that one of my starters will be ready tonight but the other two might need another day or so. I am due to go away tomorrow night for 48 hours so what should I do with them before I leave?

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LittleMonkeyMojo 2010 April 3

Indications would be the doubling and the smell.

As far as what to do with your starter while you're gone...  I suggest the refrigerator.  After you've fed it and it's doubled, put it in the fridge.  When you get back, take it out of the fridge, feed it and wait for it to rise and fall (will take longer than normal), then feed it again.  After the second feeding's fall it's ready for use.

sunnys 2010 April 10

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