My ''perfect'' loaf


The time is 11.48pm in Denmark right now, and i've finally made the loaf i've been searching for! Wonderful crispy crust and the sorftest, most creamy crumb! ummmmm... just had to share :D

And another in the oven....


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veggieboy 2012 February 11

This loaf looks beautiful!

I have recently acquired a 10+ year old rye starter from Germany!

I have just entered the realm of breadbaking and am in love.

May ask which recipe you used for this?

Thraundil 2012 August 24

Phew! Thats some massive holes. Very wet dough I guess - how do you get it so large whilst still retaining the shape? Its huge, nice job! 

At a glance it looks like a wholewheat / white wheat mix? 

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