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I've recently started a new blog - - and I'd be grateful for any feedback anyone has to offer... thank you!

Graham, I listed as a favourite link - I assume that's ok to do so without asking?  I'm not sure what the protocols are here (this is my first independent blog - the old one was run by a friend, and I was just able to post on it).

Cheers, Celia
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Maedi 2009 March 9
Hey Celia, I've left a comment on your blog, it's looking good. We love links! and I'll add your blog to our links page when I get the chance. Maedi
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celia 2009 March 9

Thanks for leaving a comment, and for the link - sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself.. :)
CraftyBread 2009 June 11
Wow, what a beautiful blog (something to aspire to with my own blog)!  I love the title as well - how did you come up with it?
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celia 2009 June 11
Well...on the weekend I started the blog, I was making Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  :)

Thanks for the kind comments, I'm enjoying the blog enormously.

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celia 2009 July 15
Thanks to everyone who's visited the blog - I had my 10,000th hit recently!

I thought you guys might enjoy my most recent post - I just had 75kgs of flour delivered. Life is good... :)

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celia 2009 July 15
Now wouldn't that be fun, Duane!!  Pete tried to instigate a rule once that I couldn't have more flour in the house than I weighed.  All that happened was I put on weight.. :)
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celia 2009 July 16
Maedi, thanks!  Do you have links listing here on  I went looking but couldn't find them...
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Maedi 2009 July 16
Hey Celia, I assume by 'Thanks!' you're referring to the link I put to your blog on the home page - no worries! LeadDog, I linked to yours too and anyone else is welcome to ask for a link.

Celia, yes there is a links page: (but I haven't added your links here yet, it's a bit messy right now, give me time)

All the very best!
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celia 2009 July 16
Actually, Maedi, I was just thanking you for the compliment, but thank you VERY much for the link on the homepage!  I can check out everyone else's sites now too!
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LeadDog 2009 July 16
Ok celia it sounds like fun to have a bread making party, to bad we are scattered all over the world.
Maedi thanks for the link, just yesterday I was thinking I needed to turn on the link mod for my website.  I guess I will need to do that now.

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