My new Banneton

loaf in
on the stone
finished loaves

Okay I got my new banneton, well two, but didn't use the other one. I followed the instructions for "seasoning" it.

Here is the loaf in it

here it is on the stone. It stuck just a little but some gentle shaking got it out.

and here is the results. It flattened out a bit, partly as a result of the sticking and it was just slightly over proofed.



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Electricboots 2014 February 18


I agree with Shasta about the rice flour, but potato flour will also work. I have found that slashing along the lines of the banneton ridges (either 1 long slash or two shorter) gives a good oven spring and opening as it cuts the surface to release tension while cutting across the way you have done it is going in the same direction of the tension ie around the loaf so does not open as well. But each to his own method!


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