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I would like to surprise my Mrs. with a bread machine for our anniversary next month and I need some advice about that shopping. Do you use it? What should I look for when choosing? I found two of them that suit me fine, as far as the cash is concerned, but I'm not sure how good they are.

1. The first one is Panasonic's

2. The second one, I found on amazon and it's much cheaper (which is really nice :))

So, what is the most important feature I should look for with these?

Thank you in advance :)

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Barbier 2014 February 12

Hi, what a good hubby! I am brand new on here, it seemed odd that nobody answered you, so I thought I would. I'm thinking you're not getting feedback because, most likely, the people on this forum are not using bread machines, they (we) are all working from scratch, getting our hands all floury and learning more every step of the way. A bread machine does all the work for you; for us, that's not fun :)

If your wife has expressed an interest in breadmaking, perhaps a machine would still be the way to go, that's hard to say. And there's nothing wrong with that! I would recommend looking at the reviews on Amazon. 

Good luck!

wrachwyllt 2014 February 18

I'm new on here also but have been making bread since the 70's in one way or another apart from a gap in the 80's when I was working full time.  We never buy bread but much as I love handmaking bread I have joint problems and am not always able to knead the dough so this is when my Panasonic breadmaker is helpful; it's also very helpful when time is an issue as I would much rather a loaf made in tbe breadmaker than a shop loaf.

So although it might not be as good as a handmade loaf a breadmaker is an useful tool for me and one that I wouldn't be without. I did research breadmakers and found that the Pansonic had the best reviews and I have friends who own one and agree

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