my 2nd time baking sourdough bread

So I baked my 2nd round on sourdough! Here a brief recipe but it's quite simple. I'm old school and will never bow down to scales! 1.5 cups sourdough starter (rye + white 50/50 mix) 2.5 cups rye and white flour mix Some olive oil Spoon full of honey Pinch of salt (not a big fan of it!) Most of this was throw together and salt was put in towards the end of kneading. Kneading was kept a little simple and not as vigorous and before as this mix doesn't tend to have much gluten (?) The dough was slightly sticky at this point. I rested the dough for 15 mins and just did a few folds and repeated once more! Then proofed in a bowl for about 6 hours! I left a bit longer as I was waiting for a regular yeast dough to rise with it which I made a 2 hours later thinking it would proof faster (how wrong I was!) Anyway I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to bake at 230 for 10 mins then down to 190ish for about 25mins! Any tips for my next bake would be greatly appreciated!
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petanque 2013 May 14

I would start at 230C  and the drop the temperature to 220-210C.


If you want crusty bread open the door every 5 to 10 minutes (to let the steam out)


Bread can be quite dark before it tastes burnt.

dwpeep 2013 May 16
Ok I'll give that a whirl on my next bake! Thanks for the tip! I think I will also give a better knead next time as under kneading didn't result in anything better to be frank!
Merrid 2013 May 20

Bow down to the scales. If you want consistency, it's the single biggest factor. You bow down to the cup measure and the temperature gauge, so why not the scales?

Also, what was your room temperature? 6 hours seems a long time to prove without a shaping step between bulk fermentation and final prove. Also, why the olive oil and honey? And how did the bread turn out? It's hard to tell from the photos.

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