Mold on starter?


Left my starter without a feed while away overnight and returned to find a skin on the surface which I would normally just scrape off and then refresh but there were a few white spots on it which I took to be mold and binned it......for the second time!  Should I have just scraped it off and carried on as normal?  Thanks for any advice......2 weeks without my sourdough :(


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farinam 2014 June 28

Hi janisem,

If it had been me, I would have removed the skin and a few mm from the top and then with clean implements and vessel, taken some of the starter and given it a couple of building feeds.  Maybe then, if the mold returned again in short order, I'd think about restarting.

Then again, not all molds are bad - just think of penicillin!

It does seem a bit unusual that you should get mold so quickly as the acid environment in sourdough is usually very good at inhibiting/preventing the establishment and growth of mold.

Hang in there, it will all be good in the end.  Just have to think of a name for the new baby.


janisem 2014 June 29


Thanks, will take your advice if it happens again, don't know what it was perhaps I should have persevered, as you say it was pretty quick to develop....ah well 2 days in and counting


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