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hi everyone!


 If i have a cup of starter, do I have t add the starters weight in flour and water, or can I double the flour and water for more starterÉ

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mana122 2011 March 17

Both, really.  I`ve had the starter ( which is a few years old that I recieved from a friend) for about a month and have been religiously making bread once a week. As each loaf is getting better, there is a bit of demand amoung some close friends for loaf, so I`d like to get my starter a bit bigger so I can keep up with  demand. :D It`s a tough life! 

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Karniecoops 2011 March 17

If you're looking to make bread (and I'm presuming you have a 100% hydration - or thereabouts - liquid starter) then sure, you can add double or triple the amount of flour and water to weight of starter.

Generally when I use a liquid levain (starter) I only retain about 50g in the fridge for next time and if I wanted to make a double recipe of bread with it I'd give it a couple of feeds before making the dough, building it up in volume each feed (my starter only needs one feed before making dough).

First feed I'd have my 50g starter, then depending on what hydration starter for the dough I required, I'd add say 175g water and 135g flour (this would give me 310g (130%) starter to make a loaf and 50g to put back in fridge).  But if I wanted to make a double batch you could either use double the starter ie 100g and double the other ingredients as well, or do a second feed. 

If you 're going to do a second feed, calculate how much starter you want for your bread + some for the fridge and then feed accordingly.  Make your first feed smaller - say equal volumes of each then increase the flour/water 2nd time around.

Play around with it a bit!  There's plenty of ways to make a loaf :o)

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