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My brother has been diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure and so is trying to modify his diet to include less salt, among other things. He lives in Indonesia and doesn't have access to the sort of 'health' foods available in wealthier countries. He is considering buying a bread machine and making his own bread. (I tried to convince him a bread machine wasn't necessary but he doesn't have an oven so it probably is the best option.)

I know that salt is important not only to flavour but also to the chemistry of bread so I'm wondering if anyone can give me any advice about low sodium bread recipes.



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Thraundil 2012 August 16

I think I would simply try out pottasium enriched salt. It has "kinda" the same chemical properties as regular salt (potassium and sodium being in group 1 and all), but does not have nearly the same influence on blood pressure as sodium. And then just go ahead and bake bread with a lower salt percentage than usual - it will taste abit bland at first, but given time the taste buds will usually adjust. 

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farinam 2012 August 16

Hello Wishfish,

While salt does contribute to the gluten chemistry it is not essential - it also impacts yeast activity (slows).  In parts of Italy (Tuscany in particular) they make their bread without salt.  Apparently it goes back to the Middle Ages when the local lords tried to tax salt so the bakers said 'up yours' and stopped using it and have never gone back.

Thraundil is right, the bread does taste a bit bland to start with but after a while, just like when you change beer brands, you wonder what all the fuss was about.

Good luck with your projects.


petanque 2012 August 18

You can make bread without salt.


It seems bland compared to regular bread.


Some people from rice eating backgrounds prefer bread without salt because it tastes more like white rice.

Paul Jerome Silva 2020 June 2

I used to buy low sodium sour dough artisan bread baked from the Vons bakery.  Since Albertson's and Von's mergered in So CA the Von's brand was replaced by the Albertson's brand, which has about 5 times as much sodium and tastes about the same.  I need a low sodium diet or my ankles swell up.  Can you tell me where I could buy the low sodium brand?

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