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looking to purchase a deck oven. bongard, doyon, or another?


Grettings everyone,

I am looking to purchase a deck oven which will be used to bake primarily bread. It seems that doyon, bongard, miwe, and pivallier are the most popular brands. Could anyone here comment on the brands? I have heard that the bongard ovens are the best in terms of durability. However, since I am here in the US, finding a tech to repair things when things go wrong, may turn out to be difficult. Thank you,

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Adam T 2010 February 6

I have a a Pavailler Electric Deck oven ( Model Y24 2060), and the only problem I have is tech service. We have one supplier That has to come From Quebec, and I live in Ontario. There are apparently more suppliers in the US, but they are too far to make it worth while. We have had this oven for about 10 years, and there is always something wrong with it. Right now, we have hot spots, and the water chamber under the oven that stores excess water is rotted, and pooling under the oven. we have been waiting for the tech for over a month to come service it. Or at least send the part so we can fix it ourselves!

I think this may just be localized, as I stated they are the only certified Pavailler service Techs in the area. I would not choose them again, if I had to make the choice to replace it.


Hope that helps!

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