Less yeast = longer proof times?


I'm craving some mixed grain bread something fierce and although I'm waking up my starter, I'm still a couple of days away from biting into a loaf of that goodness! So I found a yeast recipe I want to try, and checked my fridge: my regular yeast is long past expired and my instant (bread machine) yeast is at the bottom of the jar. I only have about half of what the recipe calls for. Can I just extend the proofing times and get away with less yeast? Do I need to adjust the salt or anything? Or will it end in inedible failure? Any expertise appreciated!

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peace and loaf 2012 July 1

there are some good overnight dough recipes that require as little as 2 grams of yeast check them out on shipton mills website and the fabulous baker brothers website. overnight bread dough makes fine bread give it a knead and try it .


Ruralidle 2012 August 1

The short answer is YES!  I would not adjust anything else in the recipe and just be led by the dough  When it feels like it has had enough time bulk fermenting then shape it and when it is fully proofed - bake it off.  Timings are out of the window with this as it will all depend on the activity of the yeast you have left and the temperatures you are proofing in. 

It may be necessary, depending upon your schedule, to cold retard some or all of the final proof - and maybe some of the bulk proof - but if you do that give the dough a couple of hours at a decent romm temperature first.  You are likely to get a more robust flavour profile because of the longer fermentation period. 

Happy Baking.

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