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Hi, I live in Melbourne and are quite new to baking bread. I have been searching for a La Cloche online without luck ( in Melbourne anyway) Does anyone know if they are sold in Melbourne or Australia. Ive seen them for sale in the US. but with shipping costs the price jumps up to $100 ... I have been using a  stoneware casserole dish with great results, but would like to try a la Cloche. Thanks :)
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baxel 2008 June 24

hi Thomas, i'm in sydney (inner west) but haven't seen a la cloche around here - but i'll keep an eye out
do you turn your casserole dish upside down? we have done bread earthenware but with a lid on it - works well
my partner used to bake her bread in terracotta plant pots back in the (late)70's - i guess you could invert over a pizza stone

cheers ;)
Claude 2012 April 4


would anyone be able to tell me where I can get one of these (round and oblong).  I can only see them on US or UK websites.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

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