Kosher salt measurements


I typically use only kosher salt since I keep only this kind of plain salt on hand for simplicity sake. I know when using american volume measures, I have to use double the quantity of the brand of kosher salt I use.  I am wondering about weight though. Given that it is a lighter texture does it measure the same when using weights.  I was recently baking and felt that I had added plenty of salt even before I reached the grams of salt recommended in the recipe and I am not a light salter. (not too much either).


Does anyone know the answer about how to substitute kosher salt in a recipe that uses weights?



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panfresca 2011 May 19

Whatever salt you use, the weight will always be the same.

The only thing that changes is, as you say, the volume, because salt flakes vary so much. It's really impossible to measure salt accurately with volumetric measures.


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