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Hi, I wanted to make a kamut starter, so I put 100 g of kamut flour and 50 g water, mixed it and put it into a covered bowl. Every day i stirred the mixture once or twice, and every 24 hours I took the half of it and fed it with another 100 g flour and 50 g water. Now a week has passed, what should I do? Continue like this? When can I use the starter?

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mlucas 2011 February 19

Is it doubling in volume? How long does it take to double?


I'm using a 100% hydration starter and it will triple in volume in about 10 hours. I'm not sure what is needed for a stiffer starter like yours, but probably a doubling is sufficient.


Also, how does it smell?

odysseus 2011 February 19

what does it mean 100 % idratiion?


Mine takes one night to triple, six hours to double.


it smells like vinegar

odysseus 2011 February 21

the problem is that i made you the description of what the starter did few days ago. Now it grows of 30 % each night, even if the smell is vinegar.

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