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Hi everyone, just a quick hello from me! I am new to Sourdough baking, but certainly not new to eating it....yum. Being originally from Germany, I grew up eating Sourdough bread on a daily basis and I miss good bread. I started my own wheat sourdough 3 weeks ago and after a disasterous start with 2 rock solid, denture unfriendly loafes, the 3rd was much better and the 4th finally reminded me home! Only made it last night, but it's almost gone again.

Could you experienced bakers please tell me where I can get reasonably priced proving baskets from? Which is the most commonly used size and how do I calculate which size basket is right for the recipe I am using?


Looking forward to chatting to you all and hopefully will improve my baking with your help


Angela x

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rossnroller 2009 November 1

I can well understand you missing German bread. I spent a year in Germany (Munich and Cologne) in the 80s and it was there I tasted truly beautiful bread for the first time in my life. Your country surely has the best bread in the world, and much of it is sourdough.

I quested after bread as good for many years after returning to my home country (Australia), and to be honest, with a few exceptions at country wood-fired sourdough bakeries, it has only been since I started baking sourdough at home that I have come close to recapturing the flavours that were such a revelation to me in Germany. That sounds immodest, but it is not. I take no personal credit. It's the sourdough process, the recipes, and the ingredients that make all the difference. One of the advantages of the home artisan baker is that we do not have commercial considerations to worry about. Premium ingredients are within our reach without breaking the bank. The rest is knowledge and experience, and it's reassuring to know that with will and application both come in time.

I have a long way to go, but so far so VERY good, and I look forward to improving bit by bit, and to baking some of the multitudes of magnificent breads just waiting to be discovered, the recipes of which are freely available on the web, from the generous folk who share their knowledge and expertise on this forum and others, and from some excellent books.

Again, welcome and may your journey be fun and satisfying, as mine has been so far and as I'm sure it will continue to be into the future.


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TeckPoh 2009 November 1

Thanks for sharing your bread journey with us!

1. For posting images, resize your pix to a width of 620px or less, to fit nicely into the posting frame.

2. If I'm not wrong, bread baskets go by the weights of the dough...1 kg, 750g, and, etc...and these you can work out by adding up the weight of the ingredients in your recipe. Me? I eyeball. ;) Here's a thread on bread baskets.




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Maedi 2009 November 1

Hi Angela

Welcome to Sourdough Companion! If there's anything I can do for you, just ask.

I resized your photo for you. When in edit mode, just click the photo and resize by adjusting the white squares that appear on the corners of the image.


All the best,
Maedi - admin

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