IT ROSE!!! Hope this helps!


Risatory Success!!

For the seasoned bakers this is probably obvious but for struggling newbies like myself, this set up really helped me get my loaf to rise.


The biggest diffrence was the amount of humidity in the oven, so my oven set up follows:


On the lowest shelf possible, I placed a tray with a metre of galavnised chain from Bunnings in it.  This was in place of volcanic rock which worried me a bit as it is known to explode once in a while.  The point of the chain was to increase the surface area I could heat to then create steam.

On the shelf directly above the tray with chain, I placed a thick baking stone

I heated the oven using my fan setting on the highest temp possible (235 in my case) for an hour, then changed the oven setting to the top/bottom element (so no fan) just before I baked.

Just before placing my loaf in the oven, I poured around 2 cups of boiling water straight from the kettle into the tray with the chain in it

The oven steamed up like a sauna, so much so that I noticed the difference when I got a face full of steam.  My previous attempts had no where near enough steam and hence my loaves just didnt rise

In went the bread, 20 minutes later it had risin significantly more than previously, I then baked it to my desired colour

I hope this helps somebody!!

Good luck




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