I am new at baking and i am looking to create my own sourdough

100% dark as night "ruislimppu" ;)

Since i find most rye breads lacking in quality what you can by in my town.

Even tho a good nice rye bread is sort of national icon for Finland.

But somehow its not the same what it used to be when i ate it as a kid 10-20 years a go.

Any good pointers to get me started, i already put 3 starters going in glassjars,

all with different kinds of rye flour. And one even with malt rye flour used for beer brewing.

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LittleMonkeyMojo 2010 January 19

You'll want to add some essential wheat gluten to your bread recipe (not the starter).

I seem to remember amounts being something like 30mg of gluten per 100g of flour but I'll need to check my recipe book at home.

Ruisleipä 2010 January 19


 There are some good threads here on making Rye bread you just need to search for them.  Here is the formula for a 100% Rye bread that I made using hints and tips from here and bread books.



Yes that looks like what i am after. Very nice. I like this kind of bread with smoked salmon or with raw salt cured salmon, its just so good! There are some nice mills that produce good stone ground rye flour for baking, i just need one good working starter so i can try my hands on the dough :)

dimitry1 2010 January 20

I baked this bread called Russian rye 1939 it uses nothing but 100% rye and a 100% hydration Rye starter it turned out great, you need to cook this eathir in forms  or start the shaping on the same stone that you will bake on. The dough behavese totaly different and it's hared to transfer it on a peal to any thing.


This is a link to my bread bake.


Here is a picture of the breads, I'm curently translating this recipe from Russian and english will share it this week.

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