Hello. :)


Thought I would introduce myself as a new member.


I am a maker of some seriously sensational gluten free sourdough and starter that is my own recipe.


I was hoping to find some others out there who are making gluten free bread with the additional benefits of wild yeast. I am particularly interested in learning more about the scientific aspect of sourdough making in general and how gluten free varieties differ from the standard grain varieties. My dough is white rice flour based.


I live in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia with my 4 children. :)


Nice to be here.



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amber108 2015 April 20

Actually, my mum is a celiac and Ive been wondering about making a gluten free leaven for her. I found red sourghum flour the other day and I think and she uses amaranth, she says teff is tasteless. Id be happy to know what you do and what works best?? :)

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