Interesting bakeries in south of France ?


Dear fellow bakers . I am taking few months off to gain more knoldge and understanding of bread . I want to spend a few months in Provence and the alpes in a search for great bakeries . Does anyone know any good bakeries or bakers there that I can contact or go and visit ? 

Any idea will be helpfull 

kind regards 


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phillico 2014 January 25



A few that I know:

Benoît Fradette  le Farinoman Fou

5, rue Mignet, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

One of the very best bakeries in France, period. Organic flours, breads with levain, long fermentations, some crazy/very original breads too. Not to be missed.


La Paline

22 Rue Longue Androne, 04200 Sisteron

Also organic flours / levain / long fermentations. Changed hands not long ago, but same baking team.


La Fabrique à Pain

4 rue Pierre de Coubertin, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

New bakery from the guy who used to run La Paline above. Same philosophy.


Jean-Paul Veziano

2, rue de la Pompe, 06600 Antibes

More a classic French bakery, nice local breads (fougasse, main de Nice...)


If you are planning to go a bit further North to the  Lyon area, I can provide a few addresses there.

If you go much further North to Paris (where I live and work),  I know many interesting bakeries, some of which I have worked for. Feel free to contact me.

Have a nice trip,

Philippe, baker in Paris

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