how to keep alive kamut starter?


Hi everybody, I have a good kamut starter 15 days old, I used it few times and it works well. it was 50 % hydration, and I have been feeding it once a day so far. Yesterday I put some in the fridge in a jar with lid, my questions are:

1) How can I keep alive my starter out of the fridge? Should I continue doing like I did so far or can I feed it every two days?

2) When I have starter in the fridge, how can i use it to bake? Should I wait, feed it again or just warm it?


Thanks to everybody answering

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HopesHope 2011 February 28

I'm not a professional, please let me say that first. 


What I do is take out what I need to bake with, feed the mother starter, and let her sit out for about 4 hours, and return it to the refrigerator.     I feed the starter that I am going to bake with, and let it proof for however long it takes, then proceed with the recipe.  


I also dry some of the starter, incase anything should happen to the Mother starter, this way Ihave a backup of a very good starter.  



HopesHope 2011 February 28

Lay out some wax paper, and pour 1/2 cup on the wax paper, spreading it out very thinly, then just lay it out to dry.  Once dried, flake it up and put it in a sealable plastic bag.   


I freeze mine, but I don't think you have to.  I'm not real sure about that.  



To reconstitue your dried starter, put all the flakes in a container, adding little water at a time to get the starter at the consistency that is good for you.   Then set it aside and let proof feeding it however you choose to.  I feed mine in the beginning 2 times a day, but it is really up to you.

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