Honey Oat and Flax Sourdough


Well it looks like I have another recipe to add to the keeper stack.


I gave this one a go today and am rather please with myself.  :)

I leave for work early in the AM so I though I'd let the dough bulk proof on the counter rather than retard it over night in the fridge.

Autolyze for 40 minutes

Stretch and fold every 50 minutes for 2.5 hours

Bulk ferment for 4 hours

Form and proof for 2 hours

Added Oats to the top and bottom while proofing.  These held their color and stand out nicely against the deep brown of the crust.


I think I'm starting to get the hang of the stretch and fold technique and working with wetter dough.  Getting things to hold their shape while proofing is another matter.  One thing at a time I guess.  :)



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Gamya 2010 October 6

The purpose of refrigerating overnight is to retard the fermentation. If you keep it on the counter during daytime, there is no harm, rather it will rise more quickly but there will be a difference in taste. I presume the counter temperature is higher than fridge temperature. For retardation of fermentation a temperature of 15C is more fruitful than the fridge temp. of 4C.




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