Hello from Nevada!!!


Just found this web site while I was browsing for info on sourdough, and how it actually got started.

I started my "starter" last June, and have been making sourdough bread ever since. I actually found a recipe that is supposed to be "gluten" tolerant.  (I've been trying to cut down on the gluten in our diet)

I love playing around with the dough, I've added some pesto sauce right before I shape my loafs, and the bread was so yummy.

Fix a sliced chicken sandwich, with sliced avacado, red onion and some smoked mozeralla cheese!!! Your taste buds will thank you.


Look forward to hearing from other sourdough cooks.



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Jane Williams 2011 May 15

I'm a sourdough newbie, but have been baking yeast bread for years.  Since starting sourdough, I have become addicted.  When deciding to start SD, I did a Google search and found this site.  It is the ONLY site that supported me thru devastating failure with my initial sourdough starter.  They pointed me to SourDom’s starter instructions and I immediately had results…great results.  My starter is my best buddy (aka Buddy).  I don’t have a problem with gluten….except I eat too much of the stuff.

I’m baking 3-5 loaves a week.  When I am in the mood (usually am in the mood) I bake more and gift my neighbors and family.

I’m in So. Calif.  These folks are from all over but seem to be mostly from the Melbourne area of Australia.  A wonderful group of bakers.  SourDon’s video’s are informative and easy.  I always laugh when watching one because it seems his kitchen is over-run with kidlings and fur critters J



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Shady Grove Baking 2011 June 8


I am interested in what part of Nevada you are in as I am as well. And my starter is doing well. I am curious as to where and how you started your starter.

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