Hamburger Buns


 Does anyone have a good recipe for sourdough hamburger buns..?

Would be much appreciated!


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Midnite Baker 2010 August 26

Hi Sarah,


If you have a good bread recipe use it for buns.  Just divide the dough into about 3 ounce

pieces, shape into  a ball, (I use a cookie sheet for baking) flatten with your hand, cover

and let rise, then bake. rising time is generally about the same a loaf on the 2nd rise. Some

 bakers like to add seeds to the bun tops too.  For me, seeds and I don't get along too well.

Good Luck and have fun.

saralexis 2010 August 30

Thanks for this... I tried one recipe but it was a bit of a flop (I suspected it was far too wet but wanted to stick to the recipe first time).  My usual bread makes lovely rolls, but they are crusty and so not ideal for hamburgers...  will try that fresh loaf recipe some time...

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