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Here are some pictures of my new loaves with new starter.   I feel that my sourdough breads are getting better in terms of apperance and taste both.  It is now winter here so, all the windows and doors in the house are kept closed all day , which makes my kitchen has quite steady temperature by heating system at around 22C .  This is , I guess , the reason that I got the good active starter.   I think that a good starter makes a good sourdough bread better than any other baking skills.







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molifemo 2011 January 31


1. Making the starter

100g   culture  ( 100% hydration )

120g   water

190g   Bread white flour

 10g   Rye flour


 - ferment for 6 hours at roomtemperature ( about 22 C / 55~60% of humidity ) .


2. Making the dough


320g  Bread white flour

 80g   Multigrain mix

270g  Water

  7g   Salt

200g  Starter 

* The amount of water needs to be adjusted more or less depending on each flour.  I use Canadian organic white flour , Rogers.


 - let sit in the fridge overnight or at room temperature for 4 hours for bulk fermentation. ( 2 ~3 foldings )

 - After dividing ( 600g for each loaf ), leave for 30 mins then shape and proof for 2 hours.


3. Baking

  - Bake at 240 C for 9 mins and 180 C for 15 ~ 18 mins.




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Midnite Baker 2011 January 30

Hi,  Thanks for posting your recipe. Decided to call it Multigrain Rye & White Sourdough.  If this is not correct, please post the correct name.  Also, please correct me if I'm wrong.  You stated "80g   Multigrain".  I assume this is a blend of seeds you added to the dough, as I see flecks of something in the bread.  Thanks again for sharing. Happy Baking. M

molifemo 2011 January 31

Multigrain Rye & White sourdough, sounds good  though a little long . 


As you said, multigrain is a blend of seeds that I bought from a shop here.




InTheForest 2011 February 16

 Hello, I am very new to this style of baking.  I have two starters that are chomping at the bit and have been looking for that first loaf.  The one that won't turn into a "cracker loaf" as my girlfriend calls them.  Instant yeast breads didn't agree with me or my techniques so I have switched to sourdough.  Also because it speaks so much more to the craft of baking.  I will be trying this one very soon.   Thanks for posting.



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